About India Folio

  • A company that provides portfolio management services and has a history of superior returns due to emphasis on strong research and conviction in stock selections
  • Portfolio management services are provided for clients in India and the USA
  • Headed by Ganapathi Subrahmanyam, Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Indiafolio's parent company, Ganapathi Consultancy was founded in May 2005 and is a registered company in the financial services industry in Singapore – Registration number: 53043021E
  • Consistent profit making company since inception



About Ganapathi Subrahmanyam

  • Ganapathi Subrahmanyam is a CFA charterholder. He passed all three levels of the CFA examination on first attempt. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program has been ranked by The Economist as the 'gold standard" among investment analysis designations
  • Was awarded a scholarship to pursue his Masters degree with the Singapore - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance, one of the premier engineering programs in Asia pacific, a joint venture between Massachusetts Institute of technology and the National University of Singapore
  • Worked for 27 months as an engineer with one of the leading semiconductor foundries of the world, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Singapore
  • Quit well paying engineering job and started this company on finding huge undiscovered potential in many global stocks and the existence of good opportunities to make steady money with a low risk level across different capital markets
  • Has successfully identified many multi baggers in equities in various global markets since the company’s inception using his meticulous research based investment methodology that has led to substantial value creation for all clients
  • Is bounded by CFA Institute’s professional conduct program
  • Practices ethical/socially responsible investing


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What is an engineer doing in the world of finance:
My story

I studied to be a nanotechnologist and worked for two and a half years in a semiconductor manufacturing company until November 2004. In late 2003, while I was in India on home leave, my brother gave me a book called Buffettology by Mary Buffett. The book deals with the principles of value investing and how Warren Buffett analyzes financial statements to identify the right companies for investment. India was just starting to boom, and I was curious to see if I could get a good return on investment on my hard earned dollars by identifying companies on my own, utilizing the principles of value investing. I decided to analyze every company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, some 5000 in number, only 20% of which were actively traded. This process took me a few months because I could only devote the free time I had after work and on weekends.

After short-listing a few companies that were undervalued in my opinion, I ventured into investing during February 2004 with my own money. By May 2004, I pulled out all my money, sensing a market crash based on my analysis that a change of government was in the cards. This turned out to be true and markets fell almost 26% in May 2004 before recovering partially. I bought into the markets again that June. By October 2004, my own investments had grown at a good rate, and I realized that many listed companies were still undervalued. There was an opportunity to capitalize on my stock picking ability and an undervalued market. Hence, I quit my engineering job and started my own financial services company.

My own money that I began investing with has grown by over 300% in four years even after the stock market crash. The performance for my clients is similar. This kind of growth has been possible because I have been regularly able to identify multi-baggers in the Indian stock market which give me returns in excess of 200%. I started GCI with just three clients; today, it has nineteen clients. In 2008, I have started looking at the US market and am looking to expand my company further globally, beyond India and beyond just Indian clients. This website is part of my plan to market myself and help others grow with me.

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