Investing not trading:

    We are fundamental analysts and do not focus on technical analysis. As a result we don’t trade in any company but only buy for the long term. This stems from our understanding and application of buffettology that if you hold for long term you can reap multiple returns once the analysis is of top quality

    Transaction costs are minimized by following a passive investment strategy. . Laugh your way to the bank with greater returns and lesser brokerage

    Most of our stocks are held for more than a year. Reap the benefits of 0% capital gains tax by long term holding. (Applicable only to stocks in India)

    We put our money where our mouth is:

    The same companies we choose for your investment go into our personalinvestment portfolios. We don’t buy something for you that we won’t buy for ourselves

    Full time dedicated analyst:

    We depend solely on the performance of the company for our bread and butter and hence we are dedicated to the cause of achieving optimal returns for our clients. This is not a part time job to make extra money but a full time job. You can be sure we offer you the best of our services at all times

    No load fees – we don’t charge clients any money upfront

    Fee based on performance – besides the retainer fees, no money needs to be paid if portfolio achieves no profits

    We will custom build your portfolio to your specific objectives, constraints and risk profiles

    Well diversified portfolios to minimize systematic risk associated with capital markets

    We do our own investment analysis and go by capital market information and our own research. We don’t depend on someone else’s opinion but collect facts and do ratio, Dupont and pro forma analysis to understand companies and arrive at projections. We are hence not influenced by other fund managers or investment research houses opinion. This makes sure that our view is unbiased

    Ethical investing – We don’t hold companies that are in the tobacco and alcohol industries in our portfolio. They maybe cheap valuation wise but they come at a significant cost to the society, so we invest ethically

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